Assurance of Security in every aspect

Security is placed as the most important aspect and is given full priority for. There is a surveillance system in place for accidents and we conduct regular practices for fire drills in order to be prepared in case of any accident that occurs. Fire drill are held 2 times a year without fail.

EnduranceEndurance to Disaster
  • Able to resists wind currents up to 160 kilometers per hour with curtain wall and special endurance glass.
  • The structure of this building can withstand an earthquake of up to 6 Richter.
  • Fire Protection
    U Chu Liang building has installed rock wool together with fire barrier, they are installed between the gap of the curtain wall and the building, with adhesive installation, there is no gap between the floor-layers, therefore the air cannot pass through. Thus, in any case of fire, the smoke and fire cannot spread to the next floor faster than 2 hours.  
    Fire Alarm
    If smoke or excessive heat is detected, the fire alarm will operate immediately with alarm and voice announcement that can be heard clearly throughout the building.

    Fire Escape
    The fire exits are made from non-heat absorption materials. In any event of fire while passenger lifts are operating, the system will command the lifts to go straight to the lowest floor and the lifts will open for passengers to exit safely.

    Fire Fighting Equipment
    BAS will check the water volume in the water pipes for the fire sprinklers and release the water into the sprinkler pipes in order to extinguish fire at all times. There is a lift for firefighters that is completely separated from the passenger lifts that give access to firefighters for all floors. Fire can also be extinguished from the smoke protection room which is located next to the lift.  

    Over a period of 20 years, U Chu Liang building has shown its potential in strength and endurance providing advantages, amenities, and security to our tenants with full efficiency. We also aim to be the leader of “Building for the Future” to serve our tenants intelligently by using the latest technology that can take everyone to new level of experiences beyond our normal lifestyles in working areas, with happiness and safety, creating the feeling of comfort and ease just like home.

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