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The name “U Chu Liang” is not only attached to this commercial building or limited to the founder of this big business that has elevated the quality of life of Thai people for more than 65 years – this name also appears in educational institutions, buildings, hospitals, places, as well as foundations as the “Giver” in many opportunities. If talking about “U Chu Liang the Magnate,” he is an administrator who has become successful in the most variety of businesses and for the longest period of time in Thailand

Bara Windsor Company Limited

U Chu Liang the Magnate established Bara Windsor Company Limited in 1953 by merging two companies together. They were Windsor Company Limited, a product importation business (established in 1870 by a group of German business people who were chemical dealers, such as Bayer BASF Hoechst). After World War II, U Chu Liang the Magnate had helped Dr. Schmidt, a German man, to push the company ready for the changes in the economy during that time. The other company was Bara Company (Siam) Company Limited, which was established in 1942 and conducted a product exportation business.

From the beginning of Bara Windsor Company Limited with the authorized capital of 10 million baht, the business of the company has been growing together with the development of the economy and Thai society. The Company plays many roles in participating with the government and private sectors both directly and indirectly in order to provide happiness to the Thai society. These roles are the textile business, fertilizers, dye and chemicals, car spray, medicines, medical equipment, industrial machines, sewing machines, cloth cutter, welding machine, cars, film dispenser, and film developer. Moreover, Bara Windsor Company Limited is still growing and operates business in affiliations, which are real estate, financial, insurance, business involving domestic and international trade, including the shipping business. At present, the office of Bara Windsor Company Limited is located on the 9th Floor of U Chu Liang Building.

Uahwatanasakul Company Limited
The company was established in 1965, it conducts real estate development and provides services for office rental space, including Ueasuk Village Project and Ueasuk Mansion. Its office is located on the 19th Floor of U Chu Liang Building.

Dr. Yodjin Uahwatanasakul

Chairman of the Board

Uahwatanasakul Co., Ltd. (Building Management)

968 U Chu Liang Building, 7th Floor,
Rama IV Rd.Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

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