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U Chu Liang building is surrounded by good environment
that respond well to a conducive working and social lifestyle.

Situated in a very good location which is an added advantage and contributing factor leading to stability and success for many. It is a rare opportunity in getting hold of a civilized atmosphere, filled with flexibility for easy access with various form of public transportation and convenience of smooth travelling.  It enjoys the calm surroundings of a big park with plenty of natural beauty and greenery in Bangkok at the same time. These are the opportunities that U Chu Liang building is providing for those who possessed clear wide vision.

U Chu Liang building, a Grade A outstanding building with a high standard of safety coupled with leading technologies in the building.  It provides maximum customers’ satisfaction designed to suit different categories of tenants for their business activities for various market sectors in business. The building located in a remarkable economic square in Bangkok is situated on Rama 4 Road, linking 2 prominent districts namely Siam Innovation District near Chulalongkorn University and Kluai Nam Thai Innovation District near Bangkok University. It is very close to Lumphini Park and tenants will enjoy the beautiful view of green scenery throughout the year.

The building has 38 floors with a 150,000 square meters multi-stories parking building of 13 floors, allowing parking of more than 1,600 cars.

Building for Life and High-End Business

The original U Chu Liang Foundation Building started in 1960 together with the opening of Rama 4 Road. It consisted 10 floors and was considered to be the first high-rise building in Bangkok at that point of time. Toyota and Ford Showroom there were being operated by Bara Windsor Company Limited and it became the offices of many big companies and organizations like Bangkok Post Newspaper and Mueang Thai Life Assurance Company Limited for more than 30 years.

Years later, Dr. Yod Jin Uahwatanasakul the owner and son of the famous magnate Mr. U Chu Liang decided to turn it into a new landmark with distinctive modern design and an intelligent building. In cooperation with Mr. Nick Moore, the Executive of U Chu Liang Construction Project, they traveled aboard to make surveys and studied many famous buildings in New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney, Boston and Europe. The final decision was to construct a building designed not only strong and stable but enforced with the highest quality structure. The building materials used were of the latest technology at that time in developing the new U Chu Liang building both modern and beautiful.

After going through a series of painstaking selection and creation process, construction of the building finally commenced in 1994. The new U Chu Liang building emerged as an eye opener to many during its grand appearance in 1999 and a hope that came true for Dr. Yod Jin.

Designing Concept:

  • Designed to suit and provide to its highest value with the plot ratio of the building balanced well to the shape of the area. The shape of the building was designed with high effectiveness of space utilization to the fullest.
  • The best technology was selected and it created the best methods for building control, covering ranges of amenities, providing security, disaster tolerance and environmental protection.  


งานโครงสร้างอาคาร : บริษัทไทยเลตัน จํากัด

งานเข็มเจาะ : บริษัทเพาเวอร์-พี จํากัด(มหาชน)

งานระบบหลักอาคารทั้งหมด (ไฟฟ้า ,ปรับอากาศ ,สุขาภิบาล ดับเพลิง) :
บริษัทวรจักรอินเตอร์เนชั่นแนล จํากัด

งานระบบควบคุมอาคาร (BAS) : บริษัทเตียวฮงสีลม จํากัด

งานระบบลิฟท์โดยสาร : บริษัทโคเน่ จํากัด (มหาชน)

Uahwatanasakul Co., Ltd. (Building Management)

968 U Chu Liang Building, 7th Floor,
Rama IV Rd.Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

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